TLS WAN Acceleration - Boosts your creativity and productivity.

** Recommended hardware: Cisco Wireless & Cisco ISR Router

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WAN optimization with engineering intelligence. Sensible, flexible and high-quality solutions for rapid code cloning, fast documents opening, uninterrupted software updates and smooth video streaming.

Fast & Secure

WAN acceleration with TLS, security for your sensitive information.

Advanced Technology

Professional server architecture and deployment, high-quality software configurations.

Simple & Powerful

Straightforward, light-weighted and elegant. For all classes of users.

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We keep a low profile and are in no pursuit of profits. We do not want a large base of users, and no users of ours are noobs. We bring valuable assistance to those who create values. We keep our distance from risks and abusers to prevent service termination caused by irresistible forces.

Since 2008, EurekaVPT has been providing developers, designers, geeks, startup businesses and creative communities with stable and reliable network solutions of all kinds. We have always been the choice of those who are serious about both performance and privacy.

SSLedge - Security Edge

TLS WAN Optimization

  • Acceleration: SSL/TCP acceleration with multiple nodes across the world.
  • Reliability: Enterprise-level encryptions to protect your online security.
  • Simplicity: Intuitive and easy-to-use for everyone.
  • Flexibility: Enabling power-users to get creative on any system.
  • High Performance: Premium hardware and software with elaborate configuration, fast and low-latency connections.

Who is SSLedge for?

  • Anyone. Optimized for Apple devices.
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EurekaVPT for Enterprises

High availability, high performance, secure, scalable, and flexible solutions for enterprises.

From small businesses to large corporations, EurekaVPT offers tailor-made solutions to different kinds of companies, covering Wi-Fi optimization, network optimization, internet security, web acceleration, video streaming acceleration, git repositories acceleration, etc.

Enterprise Wi-Fi sucks? We can fix that too.

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It is our wish to serve only a small group of people. The nature of our services determines that we can never make big sales. We want new users to be referees of our existing users (there is no referral benefits), and are happy with our ideals.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your works, if you want an invite.

EurekaVPT is not the only choice, but one of many.

  • Security: We do not sacrifice security for convenience. Different from those client-software-free solutions, EurekaVPT offers professional software to ensure reliability and security.
  • Compatibility: SSLedge does not have a connection status, does not depend on network environment. Accessible in LAN, under public Wi-Fi or poor wireless connections.
  • Velocity: With SSL/TCP acceleration, SSLedge makes it even faster for those with fast internet, and boosts it up for those with slow connections.
  • Charity: EurekaVPT donates 5% profit of every order to the open-source community or NGO of your specification (EFF, WWF, Wikimedia, AIDS / Cancer Research).
  • We do not have a customer service team: You can not expect responses from us within the hour. We do not even guarantee responses if it is not a server issue. We do not help you with common problems.
  • We do not refund under any circumstances: We invest in abundant resources to ensure our service quality during peak time. That is why we have to avoid the risks and troubles from free trials and refunding.
  • We do not have a free trial policy: Same reasons as above. And for our own security concerns.
  • We ask that you be resonable: We do not welcome trolls, for they make people unhappy. Please be polite, or leave.
  • One more thing: P2P download and account reselling are strictly prohibited.

SSLedge is designed to be easy to use, though it is essentially a professional tool. While there is no 'SSLedge for Dummies', you can read the user manual and the wiki.

EurekaVPT never oversells, and we keep adding quality routes (You can let us know if you find a good one). As developers who rely on our own services, EurekaVPT grows only better. Yet we can not say the same for ISPs, that's why we suggest that you choose a major ISP.

Yes. Some of the SSLedge routes are configured for 80/443 common TCP ports, and will pass through firewalls.

You can use our service on unlimited devices in your family, as long as you keep your account to yourself.

A serious service provider never provides unlimited transfer plans. EurekaVPT serves only a small number of people with premium hardware and bandwidth, and that costs us.

You can upgrade your plan if there are higher plans available.

You will not be billed if you occasionally exceed your transfer quota. And we offer discounts on some of the transfer nodes.

We reset data transfer quotas on the 2nd day of every month.